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Implementation Services

Salesforce™ Marketing Cloud™ Implementation

Revolve Softech is one of the Salesforce Implementation Consultant, We Implement Marketing Cloud™ (formerly ExactTarget™) solution, as one of our key focus areas we provide consulting,  implementation and ongoing support on SFMC. We are a one stop shop for a complete SFMC setup and management activity. We have experience implementing Email Studio™, Advertising Studio™, Social Studio™, Mobile Studio™, Integration to different salesforce™ products as well as external sites/services. Our team of experts can help you implement/manage or plan the following

Our Marketing Automation expertise

  • email

    Email Studio™

    • Migration activities from existing ESP to SFMC
    • Email Studio™ structure (BU’, SAP, shared vs dedicated IP’s, RMM)
    • IP warming planning, execution & monitoring
    • Automation and Journey Builder™ setup
    • Personalization Builder™ (Einstein™) setup
    • Integration to Sales, Service, Commerce cloud™ using native connectors

  • social-media

    Social Studio™

    • Social account connection
    • Workplace structure and user roles
    • Publish, Engagement Macros and Approval Rules
    • Topic Profile, analytics dashboard

  • smartphone

    Mobile Studio™

    • Short/long code acquisition assistance
    • Keyword setup
    • Template and Journey setup
    • Contact Management

  • megaphone

    Advertising Studio™

    • Account setup
    • Data Model and refresh schedule
    • Cross channel Journey setup
    • Lookalike audience

  • job-seeker

    Personalization Builder (Einstein)™

    • Adding tracking codes on site
    • Catalog feed setup
    • Create Einstein™ content blocks

SalesCloud™, CPQ™, and Communities

We provide Salesforce consulting, Salesforce implementation and ongoing support on Sales Cloud™,  CPQ™ (formerly Steelbrick™)  solution. We help organizations implements sales cloud™ for B2B as well as B2C setup and perform all the necessary customization needed to ensure that Sales team can focus on results and manage sales cycle effectively.  With our expertise to handle multi-cloud solution we can extend the solutions as needed to fit organizational needs.

  • Sales Cloud

    Use Sales cloud™ to manage Sales lifecycle and manage your customer interaction to close deal efficitently.

    • Lead Capture (Manual lead, data from external sources, Web lead capture).
    • Lead management (Lead lifecycle, lead qualification/rejection)
    • Account Management (B2B vs B2C, Account Roles, Contact Management)
    • Sales Management (Opportunity lifecycle, Products, Pricebook)
    • Territory management
    • Collaborative forecast

  • CPQ™

    Use CPQ™ to customize your Quote and subscription process, create customized quotes with varied product configuration, present detailed Quote template, and create Order and contracts.

    • Product structure (Bundles, components, accessories, related products).
    • Product and Pricing Rules
    • Quote process (template, line items)
    • Order, Contact and Renewal Model
    • Integration with e-signatures system

  •  Community Cloud™

    Use customers/partner community to manage your partners, distributors and/or resellers and give them power of Salesforce systems to capture and work with leads.

    • Customize standard templates or build using Salesforce VF+Tabs.
    • Extends relevant information to Partners to manage deals effectively.
    • Collaborate with partner using the information submitted to track deals progress.

Service Cloud™, FSL™ and Communities

We understand everything small and big about contact centers with our team members having hands on experience working on different roles in the Contact center and service industry. We speak the same language as your contact center team and understand the value of CSAT, NPS, AHT, ACW, FCR etc. Our solutions are custom made to ensure maximum productivity with minimum clicks and automating the regular activities to enhance productivity.

  • technical-support

    Service Cloud™

    • Multi channel support setup (Web, email, phone, Chat)
    • Entitlement Management ( Support level, SLA, Milestones)
    • Knowledge Management (Articles)
    • Route cases automatically using OmniChannel routing
    • Service analytics for Agents and Supervisors
    • CTI Integration support

  • Field-Service-Lightning


    If you need to extend your contact center with field service techs, we got you covered too, We design the solutions keeping entire case lifecycle in mind. So whether you are providing support in your contact center or dispatching a field service tech. Our setup on FSL™ includes the following:

    • Service territory, operating hours and service territory members
    • Contractor management
    • Scheduling rules, Work types and skills
    • Work Order, Assets configuration
    • Dispatcher console – Configuration and resource training

  • support-1

    Customer Community™

    Give your customers access to customer community™ to deflect contact center call volumes and save cost. Your customers get real time update to Cases, Work Orders. Customer can collaborate with each other to solve issues, access knowledge base and How To Articles. Companies can use gamification to promote participation and moderation to control the type of content added.

    • Customize standard templates or built using Salesforce™ VF+Tabs.
    • Extends relevant information to Customers to know the status of there requests.
    • Promote collaboration between Customers and reduce call volumes.

Non-profit (NPSP)™

Salesforce™ Nonprofit starter pack™, provides non profit organization features required to manage donors, volunteers, corporates and events effectively. Built on top of Salesforce™ platform this provides a good base to organization manage and handle the information effectively. With various NPSP™ implementations under our belt, we have a team of experts to handle the salesforce implementation with discounts available for non profit organizations. Our Services include but not limited to:

  • Sales Cloud™
    • Planning migration from standard Sales cloud™ to NPSP™ package.
    • Data migration activities from existing system to Salesforce™.
    • Customize the package, user experience to meet the needs for the specific NPSP™.
    • Create required automations to automate manual activities.

  • Community Cloud™

    Use Community Cloud™ to extend the Salesforce™ functionality, organizations can use customer community™ to manage participation from donors and volunteers and Partner community™ to provide functionality to member organization to manage there own pool of donors.

    • Setup and customize customer/partner community as needed.
    • Setup event registration, donor platform
    • Integration to various donor portals.
    • Set up review and qualification process.

Commerce Cloud™

Salesforce Implementation & Salesforce™ commerce cloud™ is a trusted e-commerce platform used by retail industry. Our team is is equipped with management and support of existing Commerce cloud™ implementation with full implementation services to follow in future. We are current assisting customer with the following:

  • online-shop

    Online shop management activities such as

    • Catalog and pricing management
    • Front end design updates
    • Gift card related activities
    • Google Analytics, GTM activities

  • solution

    Integration services

    • Integration to Sales cloud™
    • Integration to service Cloud™
    • Integration to Marketing Cloud™
    • SFMC einstein™ setup on Commerce Cloud™