As a global player in the global houseware industry, client was required to manage the sales and customer service effectively and promptly. Client lacked the ability to manage multiple channels for support as well as a customer 360 view.

Retail Industry
Global houseware equipment
North America


It lacked a 360 view of its customers, use of legacy systems which was outdated and cumbersome to use made a lot of work difficult as even a small change required a lot of developing the activity. The system used was not intuitive making it difficult for the system users to be trained for a very long time and for them to know how the systems worked.


We at Revolve always keep the needs of our clients at top priority for making their experience with us a good one, for that we helped customer integrate there SFCC platform to Service cloud enabling the customer and order data available on Service cloud to manage the support cycle. We provided them with a proven solution, after giving a demo on how integration worked. Enabling multi channel support i.e Email, Web, Chat and Phone allowed them to work with systems more effectively and offering multiple channels to there customers to reach out for support.


Revolve Softech by integrating salesforce into their systems has helped them get a 360 view of the consumers. The efficient modes of customer interactions enabled the client to serve customer promptly cutting the Average handling time by half and processing times for refund significantly. The agents had a better flow with consumers on the phone because of all the data provided to them without any hassle and at one place.