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We Harness the Power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud ™to Take Care of All Your Digital Marketing Needs

Revolve Softech can perform all the functions of a marketing agency. We implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud strategies to help you meet your marketing goals. With a team of cross-domain industry experts with years of agency experience, we are aptly equipped to execute and manage your marketing campaigns.

Why Salesforce for Marketing?

Instead of outsourcing crucial marketing tasks to ordinary agencies, leveraging Salesforce marketing cloud expertise helps your business to gain a disruptive cutting edge in the highly competitive market. Design a marketing strategy that offers optimum ROI and get it implemented with the help of technical Marketing Cloud™ and Salesforce Pardot knowledge. 


Solutions for Marketing Agencies

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    Audience Management

    Manage Audiences across multiple channels i.e Email, Mobile, Social and Advertising platforms. Create advance segmentations to cater to personlized email campaigns.

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    Email Templates

    Team of Frotnend develoipers to create personalized, responsive email templates using industry best practises.

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    SFMC Analytics

    Create reports based on email campaigns from Marketing cloud™ to measure impact and track ROI on campaign execution

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    Google™ Analytics

    Manage, configure and report on the analytics from Google™ for measuring enagegment though Email as well as web channel.

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    Manage integration of Marketing cloud™ from Salesforce™ platforms such as
    Sales/Service, Community, Commerce cloud™ as well as integration to external systems such as Custora™, Return path™ etc.

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    Marketing Journey’s

    Create multi touchpoint and cross platform journey’s harnessing the power of Salesforce™ platforms.

Advantage for Marketing Agencies

What makes us stand apart

  • Expertise

    Transfer the worry of tasks like building email templates, converting them to HTML, executing them, collecting email marketing analytics, etc., to the shoulders of an expert team, which allows you to concentrate on core business processes.

  • AI-Based Personalisation 

    Utilizing Salesforce Einstein to display varied content, enable you to offer a personalized experience to the user from different geographies.

  • Integrated Marketing Communications 

    Allowing a marketing team to take over both social media and email marketing helps to develop a cohesive and integrated marketing plan.

  • Certified Resources

    Team of Certified resources with years of experience working on Salesforce Marketing platform and handling progrmattic activies such as AmpScript, SQL, GTL etc. 

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Our Marketing Expertise

Our team of seasoned professionals with experience on handling all the aspects your Marketing cloud™ platform acts as a one stop solution for everything you need to manage and execute your campaigns. We cater to all channels such as Email, Social, Mobile, Advertising, Einstein™, DMP™ as well as handle development activities on Marketing platform.


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