Salesforce™ Solutions for Hospitality


Salesforc™@ Solutions for Hospitality that Enable Greater Customer Engagement

We help you ensure that your guests always have unforgettable experiences by implementing Salesforce™ solutions for your property. Create bespoke stay experiences for your guests using smart AI suggestions and wider connectivity to boost customer satisfaction.

Why Salesforce for Hospitality?

As Salesforce™ allows a holistic view of the processes of your company, it enables easy identification of trouble areas and ways to fix them. Integrate your current systems into Salesforce™ to collate scattered important data such as hotel accommodation details, identification details, financial information, and so on, into one secure database. Gain access to all the data in real-time, from any location allowing simple itinerary planning for customers. 


Salesforce™ solutions for Hospitality

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    Sales Cloud™

    Manage customers, bookings, campaigns, inventorty using custom made solutions for hospitality industry.

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    Salesforce CPQ™

    Streamline your quote, order and renewal process using salesforce Configure-Price-Quote tool. Sales reps can create quotes using product bundles and configurations to automate repeated tasks.

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    Service Cloud™

    Provide multiple support channels for your customers using salesforce™ service cloud, automate case assignments and provide support based on entitlements.

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    Marketing Cloud™

    Create personlized marketing journeys and interactions using cross channel communication tools available withing Marketing cloud™.

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    Community Cloud™

    Use partner community to access and manage bookings, collaborate with customers and partners.

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    Customer 360 view

    Utilize Salesforce native integration available between clouds to have a customer 360 view across plartforms.

Benefits to bank on

Our hospitality clients have benefited from the Salesforce™ in the following ways:

  • Stay Connected

    Leveraging marketing cloud to send trip- inspiring messages across multiple channels, accelerates revenue growth.

  • Build Customer Loyality

    Implementing Salesforce solutions at every step, ensure a frictionless, relaxing trip for your guests, which also helps build customer loyalty resulting in repeat custom. 

  • Engagement 

    Use Salesforce tools to build community forums for customers to interact with other customers and share their experiences.


Our hospitality expertise

Our team of seasoned professionals with experience on Hospitality industry have  implementation, customization and integration experience with varied complexity levels on the Salesforce™ ecosystem.


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